Herb N’ Organics was a natural household cleaning manufacturer with a difficult name and nonexistent brand strategy, managing to secure distribution in a handful of Phoenix-area grocery stores. They knew they needed help, but didn’t know where to start.

We compiled everything they had built in the previous two years and...recommended a full reboot. New name, new packaging, new website: an entirely new premise for the brand, all at once relevant, distinct, and engaging.

The new Truce deliberately transcends the cheerful, optimistic tropes of eco-brands, embodying a post-green personality with candor, simplicity, and humility at its core. It’s a self-aware brand which acknowledges its imperfections and rejects idealistic promises.

As a direct expression of this brand identity, we renounced dressy product names, opting instead to label products simply by function and scent. The logo is a simple sans-serif typeface, friendly and self-assured but in no way aggrandizing.

The package labels align across all products at the same height, correlating with the fill level for the concentrate inside the bottle. On the retail shelf, the packaging’s stark simplicity carves out an area of negative space, simultaneously emphasizing Truce while subverting the loudness of neighboring products.