Our proposal to considerably expand a simple email campaign was met with enthusiasm when Lumension, a corporate security software company, saw our concept of taking the idea to a entirely different world – the world inside the machines.

A customer nearing the contract renewal date with Lumension first receives a cryptic plea for help from the digital world – alerting him that, soon, he’ll be tasked with saving the world.

The campaign follows with a mailed package containing a large-format poster, a decoder wheel, an encrypted USB key, a robotic “enemy bug larva,” and a letter revealing the backstory. Over several weeks, the online campaign engages the customer with battle-themed puzzles highlighting the Lumension product suite and urging contract renewal.

Custom illustrations bring each challenging chapter of the story to life while elevating the customer to hero status. After saving the world from certain doom, the USB key code unveils behind-the-scenes concept art and desktop wallpapers.