iGO was launching a line of products that reduced “vampire power,” which was great except that nobody knew what vampire power was, let alone why anyone should buy products that fixed it.

We immediately realized that a successful campaign and long-term platform required building awareness of the problem – not blindly pushing a new product line into the marketplace.

This was my first major campaign as a creative director and was definitely one of my most enjoyable. It was for this client that I first developed the Strategy Map, an infographic which helped sell and defend the scope of the campaign. These have since been used with dozens of other clients to not only visually present sophisticated campaign structures, but to expand the scope of the engagement.

We launched the campaign with full-page ad placements in the national distribution of Wired Magazine, coupled with blogger outreach and banner ads to build awareness and message comprehension.

The focal point of the campaign was a microsite with animated videos, interactive energy calculators, and an awesome augmented reality piece that pegged the concept of “bleeding energy.” An iOS app ran in parallel to take various campaign elements mobile, such as an energy calculator that could be used around the house to measure levels of vampire power.

The campaign resulted in a massive increase in search traffic as well as great press coverage, and, of course, higher-than-expected sales of the product.