Our original contract with the Globetrotters was limited to a simple redesign of its website. Armed with recent market research and original audience insights, we approached the client with broader ideas for brand growth than a fancy new skin for its website.

We challenged the client’s long-held direct marketing strategy by introducing, for the first time in years, a comprehensive growth plan for the brand that focused on positioning realignment, fan engagement, and brand-level awareness.

Our simple web design/development project quickly grew to include display advertising, event themes, product licensing, and broadcast creative. In 6 months, we produced and launched the website, television spots, an overhauled visual brand system, and a 9-week Facebook event: The Worlds Largest Game of HORSE, a week-by-week competition between hotshot fans and Globetrotter players. By the time the season began in December 2011, the underperforming brand had realized the largest volume of preseason ticket sales in its 80-year history – and 150,000 new Facebook fans to share the news with.