Box-seven Media is now Austin Baker

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In 2005 Box-seven Media was started as the business front for my freelance web design and development career. Box-seven was my full time job for several years seeing a handful of lucrative contracts and several different employees. There were partners, and pretty much the entire time a TON of confusion.

In the beginning of  2008 I decided to cut my losses for a time and see what the world of the creative agency had to offer. I was rather surprised to find myself in a new position very quickly after my search began. At the time I was living in Globe, AZ (a likely part of the difficulties in freelancing) and moved back to the Phoenix valley. We managed to sell our house in Globe at a profit and moved almost literally overnight.

I got hired at Sitewire, an interactive marketing agency in Tempe, as their sole graphic designer. After about a year working there, I moved into the Creative Director position managing what I was hoping to be a quickly growing team of designers. While I was there I worked with some very well known brands, brought in a lot of new and fresh ideas into how a interactive marketing can be, and really grew into my own as a creative.

The time has come and I have decided to go back to full time freelance. Only this time, I am going to be doing it as my self rather than as a business front. Box-seven Media LLC will still exist and will work as the business end, but I have realized that in the past several years using tools like Twitter and getting as integrated in the community as I have, there is zero recognition for Box-seven, but people know who I am.

And so. is now directing to This is my site.

note: When was purchased, was an unavailable domain. It was a great surprise that it became a Japanese porn hub. This I am sure has caused tons of confusion for people trying to find me and I would like to end that battle.

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